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     San Luis Obispo & South County Wine Tasting
  sustainable practices in the wine- making process. A key aspect of the sustainability efforts is being mind- ful of only sourcing grapes from SIP Certified vineyards to ensure they are doing their part to preserve the environment. They have long-
term growing contracts in place to produce a consistent line of wines vintage after vintage.
While they were working on their very first vintage, they found themselves with large expenses for purchasing barrels, while they did
not yet have a product to sell. They decided to sell futures and created the Adopt-A-Barrel program. They held an intimate dinner and found people interested in “adopting” a barrel. The members receive two cases of wine the following year.
The program was so popular they continued to offer membership vintage after vintage with mem- bership capped at 55 members. Members not only receive two cases of wines based on their selections, they are also invited to a dinner and
                 Discover Uncharted California
Escape to the rolling hills of San Luis Obispo to find our charming tasting room in the heart of Edna Valley. Housed in the historic Independence Schoolhouse, this space is the perfect spot to soak in sweeping vineyard views while discovering the unique excellence of our award-winning wines.
10:00 am - 5:00 pm 805.269.8200
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