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Paso Robles
Dubs Paso Soul Food Grill serves up nationally loved meals
 #12 on Yelp for best fried chicken in the nation
Just a quick walk from the bustle of the Paso Robles Downtown City Park is Dubs Paso Soul Food Grill, where delicious food cooked by the Hall family awaits both tour- ists and locals. Husband and wife, Ernest and Grace Hall, cook all the meals along with their children: 20-year-old Johne, 19-year-old Romeo, 17-year-old Angelbella, and 15-year-old Leinae.
“We are locals born and raised here. We have seen the many changes that Paso has gone through and we felt that the town needed diversity and a restaurant that catered to the locals with real home cooking. “Our customers tell us they feel at home when they come in and that makes us happy,” said Ernest, who opened the restaurant in March 2022 and also owns Dub’s Green Garden.
Make sure to try some of Dubs Paso Soul Food Grill’s most popular dishes, which include fried chicken, collard greens, and catfish. Other delectable options
include corn-
bread, corn, and
black-eyed peas;
seafood such as
crab and shrimp
are also available.
The Hall fam-
ily cooks all the
meals they would
have at home for
the community
at the restaurant.
Customers enjoy a
welcoming atmo-
sphere while hav-
ing a quality lunch or dinner, with Ernest saying “You’ll be treated like an old friend. Come as you are, relax and eat some good food.”
Dubs Paso Soul Food Grill has made national waves with fresh
and tasty food. Yelp places the restaurant as 12th in the nation for its fried chicken and it is rated as one of the 20 best restaurants in Paso Robles by Travel Lens. Ernest notes that the Hall family was shocked when they received the news about the accomplishments, “When we started, our goal was to make people the best food possible, cut no corners and only source the
highest qual- ity ingredi- ents. I can’t explain how much being acknowl- edged in this way means to us. We are so grateful.”
For ap- petizing food
that keeps locals com- ing back for more, make
Dubs Paso Soul Food Grill your next stop for an unforgettable meal.
“We will continue to work hard to offer our locals a place to come and eat good food,” said Ernest, adding, “I’d like to thank our com-
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• Adoption Program
• Sponsor a horse
• Take a guided sanctuary tour
• Educational and community outreach
Tuesday thru Saturday from 10am-3pm by Appointment Only
(805) 237-3751
6875 Union Rd., Paso Robles, CA 93446 P.O. Box 186, Paso Robles, CA 93447
Donations can be made on our website:
   Photo Credit: Deborah Hofstetter
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