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Paso Robles
Bruce Munro: Light at Sensorio illuminates nightscapes with glowing, mesmerizing color
 The world’s largest exhibit of work by the British artist added two new exhibits in 2023
Since opening in May 2019, the exhibit has captured an interna- tional audience, with over 400,000
visitors from across the country and around the globe snapping up tickets to the remarkable event. It is the world’s largest exhibit of work by the acclaimed British artist and is entirely powered by solar.
In April 2021, Sensorio com- missioned a second work by Munro, Light Towers located next to the Field of Light. Featuring 69 towers composed of more than 17,000 wine bottles illuminated with glowing optic fibers whose colors evolve to an ethereal musical score, Light Towers celebrates Paso Robles’s extensive wine country environs.
In May 2023, Sensorio an- nounced the addition of two more new exhibits by artist Bruce Munro: Gone Fishing and Fireflies” Adding another half-acre to this enormous walkthrough dreamscape, these new works complement the current exhibits, creating a deeper experi- ence of wonder.
Comprised of 30 circular arrays of 25 multi-colored fishing rods,
Gone Fishing at Sensorio repre- sents Munro’s “fascination with the contemplative act of standing by a stream.” Each bloom, threaded with fiber optics, gently illuminates the surrounding hills.
The adjacent pathway is dotted with Munro’s Fireflies, inspired by two of his favorite books, Kim by Rudyard Kipling and Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. The artist’s ongo- ing dream to capture something of a similar essence in light resulted in these whimsical works, made up of 9,720 flickering points of light. Munro notes, “It is my belief that
    Vineyard Antiques
 “Underpriced Treasures”
  2320 Ramada Dr., “A” • Paso Robles (805) 237-4012 • Open daily 10am-5pm
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