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Wine Tasting
  Only 23 cases of this wine were produced, and each is packaged in a special wooden box.
Located at the northern tip of the Pleasant Valley Wine Trail in San Miguel, their home has a spa- cious covered patio with breath- taking views of the vineyards and surrounding hills. The landscaping
includes several areas for guests to sit and enjoy the views while sip- ping wine. There is plenty of space for their club pick-up parties, the annual movie night featuring one of the Clint Eastwood Films, and gatherings during Pleasant Valley Wine Trail weekends.
As part of her desire to share the
love, Judy is offering an “Imagine Me – Let Me Fly” workshop in October. Each woman who attends will create their own vision board, instructions along with materials, and lunch will be provided. This
is an event Judy has been looking forward to offering for a long time and additional workshops may be
scheduled. For more information or to enroll, email
Mystic Hills is located at 79550 Watkins Lane in San Miguel. For more information or to book an appoint- ment visit the or call (805) 610-1099.
—by Lisa Pretty
       “Crafting world class wines with sustainability at the core of everything we do.”
 Visit Us At
3235 OAKDALE RD. PASO ROBLES, CA 93446 Walk In’s Welcome!
805.239.4800 Open Thurs. - Mon. 10am-5pm
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