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104 SUMMER 2024
Wine Tasting
“Crafting world class wines with sustainability at the core of everything we do.”
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Walk In’s Welcome!
Open Thurs. - Mon. 10am-5pm
Castoro Cellars—Enjoy some wine,
some music and play disc golf
Castoro Cellars isn’t just a win-
ery. It’s a destination with wine
tasting, the popular Whale Rock
Music and Arts Festival, and now a
top-rated disc golf course.
Disc golfers have voted, and the
tally is in! UDisc, the world’s leading
disc golf app, rated Castoro Cellars
as the #1 disc golf winery course in
the world. UDisc has a directory of
all of the courses worldwide, and as
players test them out, they rate each
course. Castoro Cellars comes out
Wine, whale bones,
yoga, and the #1
winery disc golf
course in the world
to each disc golf stop. Guests are
welcome to sip wine while they play.
Why have a disc golf course in the
middle of a vineyard? Everything
on top again and again. Their course
is also rated #76 overall out of all
disc golf courses in the world. It’s
pretty impressive.
Disc golf at Castoro Cellars is an
18-hole course that winds through
the vineyard. The signs along the
way explain the types of grapes next

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