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112 SUMMER 2024
Reserve a private vineyard tour & tasting in Paso Robles.
Adventure in an off-road vehicle through the vineyard and taste the wines where they are grown! $45 pp. • (805) 434-5607 •
Wine Tasting
Sculpterra Winery 2023 Héroe
Viognier – $28
This viognier is harmonious with
fruity flavors ending in savory and
juicy notes. The palate contains an
array of stone fruit flavors, including
apricot, nectarine, peach, plum, and
even kiwi. It is delicious and a great
Sculpterra Winery 2022
Muscat – $32
This 100% muscat
features flavors of orange
peel, flower blossoms, and
golden raisins. This wine
would be great paired with
spicy Thai food or try it
with dried berries, walnuts
and almonds.
Serial Wines 2021 Adelaide District
Grenache Blanc – $55
This white offers deep gold hues
and fragrances of fresh pressed Fuji
apple and lemon curd. It offers juicy
flavors of ripe peach, pear and plum,
with the slightest notes of croissant on
the finish. Delightful!
Stephen Ross 2023 Albariño – $32
This delightful white has uplifting
aromatics of stone fruit, petrichor,
and lime rind. The coastal influence
is evident in the acidity and energetic
verve, balanced with rich ripe flavors
on the palate.
Stephen Ross 2023 Pinot Noir Blanc
– $32
This wine expresses tropical fruit
aromas, like passion fruit, and some
of the same aromatics found in New
Zealand white wines. The aromas
carry through on the palate with zippy
fresh fruit flavors.
The Blending Lab – White Wine
Blending Kit – $110
Rather than a single wine, this is a
unique opportunity to make your own
blend. This kit will help you recreate a
one-of-a-kind blending class experi-
ence. Become a winemaker for the day
in the comfort of your own home with
on-demand class-inspired videos. It
includes three 375ml wines, beakers,
pipette, funnel, and bottle to cork your
new creation. It’s a perfect activity
for your next party or gift for a fellow
wine lover.

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