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Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes
The 3,400-acre Guadalupe-
Nipomo Dunes Preserve is one of
the largest remaining coastal dune
systems in the nation and is a must-
see excursion for hikers, naturalists
and bird-watchers. Catch glimpses of
more than 200 varieties of birds and
view more than 120 imperiled plants
and animals within the preserve’s Na-
tional Wildlife Refuge and surround-
ing dune habitat.
Nipomo Native Gardens
A forest of native plants and
trees are maintained by volunteers
from the Nipomo Native Gardens
Society. The Nipomo Native Garden
is a 12-acre site located between
Pomeroy, Camino Caballo and Osage,
Nipomo Swap Meet
The huge Nipomo Swap Meet and
Flea market is on the grounds adja-
Nipomo is a small town on the
mesa in the southern area of San
Luis Obispo County that is known for
its stands of eucalyptus trees, expan-
sive golf courses and special outdoor
and nature experiences.
Nipomo preserves a spirit of true
frontier land even while modern
businesses thrive in its commercial
areas. Standing on the wet sand of
the shore of the Pacific, looking out
over the sprawling Guadalupe-Nipo-
mo Dunes toward the rich, riparian
woods, creeks, fresh water lakes and
the Santa Maria River, one imagines
seeing the same views that the
original Chumash saw while going
about their daily activities. The word
“nipomo” means “base of the hills” in
the Chumash language.
Bostonian sea captain, Captain
William G. Dana acquired a land grant
in 1837, and settled the 37,888-acre
Rancho Nipomo. His adobe house still
stands near the 101 Freeway.
cent to the 101 Freeway at the Teft
Street off-ramp. The Nipomo Swap
Meet & Flea market combines great
family entertainment with old school
swap meet atmosphere. It is the larg-
est swap meet on California’s Central
Coast and is open Sat - Sun 6 a.m. - 6
p.m. $3 parking on Sun. No dogs. Visit or call (805)
929-7000 for more information.
Dana Adobe Historical
Landmark and Cultural
The mission of the Dana Adobe
Cultural Center is to engage visitors
with the stories of California’s Rancho
Era History, connecting them with the
peoples, the land and its resources
to foster environmental stewardship
and cultural understanding. The Dana
Adobe is located at 671 Oakglen
Ave, Nipomo, CA. Be sure to visit before arriving for the
most recent information.
The Luffa Farm
Come and see how luffas grow at the
Luffa Farm. These natural sponges
grow like squash. Take a free tour
and see all their products at the gift
shop. Open Wed. to Sun. from 10
a.m.-4 p.m., 1457 Willow Road.,, (805) 343-0883

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