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are part of globally managed
programs to preserve animals
and their habitats. If you want to
engage with some of the rarest
animals in the world in a safe and
respectful environment then visit
us often,” notes the website.
Since 1955, the Charles
Paddock Zoo has been home
to numerous animals who help
educate the community about
conservation efforts. The zoo
is accredited by the America
Zoo and Aquarium Association
(AZA), which means that the
highest level of care, safety, and
education is in place.
Make sure to stop by and
learn about the newest animals at
the Charles Paddock Zoo, such
as the fossa, from Madagascar
with only 2,500 left in their na-
tive habitat. All visitors can enjoy
admiring the baby animals, such
as the newborn mongoose lemur
born in April, and can be found
sticking close to its mother.
Other exciting animals to
learn about include the Malayan
tiger, red panda, flamingo, spider
monkey, great horned owl, and
many more. Animals from five
hotspots of biodiversity, such as
Indo Burma, Madagascar, Tropi-
cal Andes, California, and West
Africa, are found at the zoo.
A new addition to the zoo is
a mural celebrating the role of
artist, completed the mural.
Beavers are found throughout the
Central Coast in areas such as the
Salinas River and Monterey Bay.
Keep an eye out for some
enjoyable events throughout the
year that are perfect for a day
out with family or friends. Just a
handful of events include an arts
and crafts day, celebrations of
holidays, and ice cream vendors.
The zoo is committed to wild
animal propagation and manage-
ment and is involved in sev-
eral conservation and education
programs. The Charles Paddock
Zoo is one of the best, not-to-be-
missed, community-supported,
and family-oriented recreation
destinations on the Central
The Charles Paddock Zoo is
located at 9100 Morro Road in
Atascadero. Open every day from
10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more informa-
tion, visit, or
call (805) 461-5080.
— Sadie Mae Mace
beavers in the environment; John
Khus, an acclaimed Chumash

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