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Experience fun and educational tastings
at Olivas de Oro Olive Company
From their first experience in
the olive oil industry to today,
Frank and Marti Menacho have a
shared passion for helping others
improve the taste and quality of
their food. Celebrating 25 years of
their Olivas de Oro Olive Company,
this dynamic and innovative couple
extends a special invitation to visi-
tors and locals to visit their tasting
room in Tin City just off Highway
101 and 46 West in Paso Robles.
“We love being part of Tin City,”
Marti says of the community of
artisanal producers. “It’s all about
the makers and people who are just
as passionate about their product as
we are about ours.”
That passion comes through
loud and clear when the Menachos
reflect on a journey that includes
international recognition as olive
oil sommeliers, earning more than
1000 competition medals, and of-
fering the largest selection of olive
oil from the oldest family-owned
grower producer on the Central
Coast. Frank served on the Califor-
nia Olive Oil Council tasting panel
and as a competition judge.
Frank, a former commercial and
wholesale fisherman, started his ro-
mance with olive oil while visiting
upper-end restaurants and working
with chefs from San Francisco to
Carmel. Shifting careers, he pur-
chased a friend’s olive tree orchard
in Oroville back in 1999.
“I joined experts at UC Davis
and learned all I could about olives
and olive oil,” he said. “Marti came
alongside to help me, and our
passion and love for olive oil grew.
The more we learned, the more we
fell in love with it, and wanted to
educate the consumer about the
benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
(EVOO) from California.”
Along with raising their
Celebrating 25
years of experience
and passion for
California olive oil
three children, Frank tended the
orchards and mill while Marti
worked in high-tech during the
week. The family spent most
weekends at farmers’ markets,
doing educational road shows, and
holding focus tastings.
In 2007, they transplanted
100-year-old olive trees
to their property in
Creston, opened
a tasting
room, and
to fellow
ers. They
moved to
Tin City in
2020 after a
fire destroyed
their tasting room.
“Then came the
pandemic shut-downs and we had
to get creative again with curbside
pickups, mail orders, and sharing
recipes and tips online,” said Marti.
Tasting room fun and
The Olivas de Oro tasting room
vibe is about having fun and learn-
ing to improve the taste of food with
flavorful and healthy ingredients.
“We want our guests to have
fun and leave with an experience
they won’t forget,” Marti says. “We
show them pairings of olive oil and
vinegar and discuss how to use our
products in everyday dishes.”
Tastings are by appointment or
on a walk-in basis. Guests are paired
with a team member who
discovers personal
preferences and
answers ques-
tions about
olive oil and
other prod-
ucts. “Guest
ships are
to us, and
we provide
experiences,” Marti
says. “People can taste
as many items as they want.”
Relax on the patio, and enjoy
a glass of local wine or beer from
Tin City neighbors. Choose from a
selection of hummus, olives, cheese,
salami, tapenades, and more in an
inviting and pleasant atmosphere.
Over the years, the Menachos
have added chimichurris, jams,
Dijon, tapenades, sea salts, rubs,
grilling sauces, and more to their
Ranch Product lineup.
Crafting artisan olive oils
Crafting high-quality artisan
olive oil takes knowledge and pa-
tience. Frank takes care of the trees,
keeps them healthy, tastes for rip-
ening, and picks olives at their peak
of freshness. The olives are milled
within 24 hours, then the oil rests
in containers for natural decanta-
tion. After about three months the
finished product is transferred into
“When I make our Mission
Blend EVOO – a combination of
our arbequina and mission olives
– I blend different lots of oil to
achieve a certain flavor profile. For
flavored oils, I use just picked mis-
sion olives, and the fresh ingredient
in the mill simultaneously.” The dif-
ference between cold-pressed and
infused olive oil comes out in the
flavor. “An infused oil,” said Frank,
“loses its flavor when cooked. Cold
pressed maintains the flavor.”
“You get all the benefits of olive
oil – the antioxidants and nutri-
tional value – but whatever natural
flavor you put in becomes the star
of the show,” he says, adding they
source all of the produce for these
oils from other California farm-
ers. “Everything is fresh, and we
believe it’s important to buy local
and know where your food comes
Clubs, guest houses, and perks
Olivas de Oro club options – the
Press Club, Pairings Club, and
Branch Club, include twice-yearly
allocations, luncheon events, plus
product and guest house discounts.
Guests earn stars on each purchase
and convert those stars to dis-
counts or complimentary products
with the Loyalty Program.
Visit the Olivas de Oro tasting
room at 2989 B Limestone Way in
Tin City. For hours and more infor-
mation visit, call
(805) 227-4223, or follow along on
Facebook and Instagram for special
events and updates.
— Meagan Friberg
Olive Oil Tasting
Owners Frank and Marti Menacho, ‘We want our guests to have fun.
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