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Pismo Beach, Shell Beach & Oceano
Hike the Pismo Preserve
 Great views, fresh air and 900 acres of wilderness experiences
The 880-acre Pismo Preserve has over 11 miles of high-quality single-track trails winding through serene oak woodlands, canyons and coastal ridgelines with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. Opened in January 2020, the preserve offers exceptional experiences for hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians.
Wildlife is abundant, with many sightings of deer, all kinds of birds, raptors including eagles and many different kinds of hawks. Squirrels are common and there are reported sightings of foxes and coyotes. Lizards and snakes are also around as are butterflies, bees and other insects.
Leashed dogs are allowed to hike along with their families. Please pick up after your dog. Fol- low the posted trail rules. Enjoy
the trails, the views, and all of the wildlife and be safe. Bring your camera!
Cows and goats?
Yes, visitors may occasionally see cattle and goats in various areas of the preserve. These animals are doing their part to help reduce
the risk of wildfires. The cattle will move away from people. Goats
are contained in portable fenc-
ing. Please don’t harass, feed or attempt to touch the cattle or goats. The presence of these animals is announced on the Pismo Preserve website.
The vision for the preserve
After purchasing the land in 2014, the Land Conservancy of
San Luis Obispo County raised
$12 million for the preserve. The Land Conservancy is a community- supported local nonprofit land trust working to conserve and care for the diverse wild lands, farms, and ranches of the Central Coast, con- necting people to the land and to
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