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Pismo Beach, Shell Beach & Oceano
Visit Thomas Kinkade Showcase by the Sea Gallery
 Afew short blocks from the iconic Pismo Beach Pier, on the corner of Cypress Street and Stimson Avenue stands a brick building with double doors swung wide open. As you step inside
the Thomas Kinkade Showcase- By-The-Sea Gallery, the bright sunshine, salty sea air and the tantalizing scent of Pismo Fish & Chips fade away as your eyes adjust to the dim lighting. Spotlight- illuminated paintings wink at you from every corner, eliciting hushed tones as you wander the cool, quiet gallery.
“Thom’s peaceful paintings reach a variety of people. Anyone is bound to fall in love with one of his many styles and scenes,” explains long-time gallery owner
 Ann Smith. “Thom’s paintings draw you into a place where you would like to be.”
While Kinkade’s work is most often associated with whimsical landscapes and cozy English cot- tages, a stroll through the gallery will broaden your horizons with Kinkade’s interpretation of Baseball, NASCAR, and the “ever-popular Disney Collection.”
A California native, Kinkade was known as the
to the paintings allow you to expe- rience the beautiful transformation Kinkade pieces make throughout the day – a single painting appears new at dawn, dusk, and noon.
Since it was first established in 1993 the gallery has built count- less relationships with collectors and tourists alike, offering a quiet cultural reprieve from the busyness of Pismo Beach.
“Through the years we have helped many decorate
  “Painter of Light,” using techniques perfected by a dis- tinguished group of nineteenth-century American paint- ers, known as the Luminists.
“I try to create paintings that are a window for the imagination.”
– Thomas Kinkade
their home, with what I believe is timeless, superb art,” Smith said. “We work in a most peaceful setting at the beach and have made many wonder friends through the years.”
“I try to create
paintings that are
a window for the imagination,” Kinkade once said. “If people look at my work and are reminded of the way things once were, or perhaps, the way they could be, then I’ve done my job.”
“Come on in,” Smith said. The doors are open, and
Kinkade’s light-filled, “window for the imagination,” is there for you to explore in Pismo Beach, California.
Thomas Kinkade Showcase by the Sea is located at 500 Cypress S-5 in Pismo Beach For more informa- tion visit or call (805) 773-9424.
— Katie Marchetti
 Smith and her team have
done their job as well, showcasing Kinkade’s work in the best light. “Dimmer” switches positioned next
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