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San Luis Obispo
Two women and a love affair with cider
Two Broads Ciderworks is a
cidery in San Luis Obispo co-
founded by two women: Morgan
Murphy and Maggie Przybylski.
They fell in love with cider and
wanted to share their portfolio of
ciders spanning modern, approach-
able ciders and traditional, mind-
blowing ciders. Each cider made is
a different blend, co-ferment, aging
process, and yeast choice.
“Most folks have no idea how
different ciders can be because they
have only had one or two. We have
ten ciders on tap, all tasting very
different. Guests visiting our tasting
room are constantly telling us how
Explore the many
facets of cider in a
dry or semi-sweet. We are proud of
the few awards we've won when we
have entered contests. It is mostly
for bragging rights, but it's nice to
know that our ciders measure up to
international industry standards,”
said Maggie
The tasting room has a very
special, welcoming vibe with a Bo-
hemian-Victorian aesthetic. Maggie
and Morgan wanted to create some-
thing different, and cozy, where
guests could explore cider, enjoy art
exhibits, play board games, or just
sit back and relax on the patio and
enjoy the garden. They are proud
to share their space with guests
and support the community. The
cidery features mostly women and
queer artists on the walls and the
bottle labels. The tasting room also
provides space for non-profits such
as Access for All, to have events and
rehearsal space for small troops.
See Canyon, a historic growing
region for apples, was first planted
in the late 1800s and continues to
produce heirloom varieties not
surprised they are about cider that
can be still, pétillant, or sparkling,
high in tannin, high in acid, and
Morgan Murphy and Maggie Przybylski, co-owners of Two Broads Ciderworks.

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