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found in many areas. Supporting
local farms is a driving motivation
for Two Broads Ciderworks. They
want to make sure the local, his-
toric orchards continue to produce
apples. If apples are not purchased,
the farms will not pick the fruit and
the orchards will get neglected and
will likely be replaced with a differ-
ent crop.
According to Maggie, “We
lease our orchard from the Land
Conservancy and we prefer to dry-
farm. The apples might be smaller,
but the flavor is more intense, and
it makes an amazing cider. We are
transitioning some of the twenty-
year-old trees to heirloom varieties
like Pink Pearl, and Dolgo Crab.
Crab apples, which are used mostly
for pollinating other trees, might
not be great to eat, but they make
an amazing cider. We also do fun
environmental work with organiza-
tions like Monarch Joint Venture,
who just installed a pollinator
corridor in the orchard, which will
draw Monarchs, other butterflies,
bees, native bees, and other pol-
linators. Such diverse planting can
increase the health of an orchard
and an ecosystem, overall.”
A great way to explore cider is
by attending the Central Coast Ci-
der Festival, an event created by the
Central Coast Cider Association.
Now in its sixth year, the festival
is held at the Sunken Gardens in
Atascadero. The event will be held
on August 24 from 4-8 p.m. and in-
cludes live entertainment, food and
merchant vendors, and for the first
time a few craft breweries. Purchase
festival tickets at centralcoastcider-
Maggie is looking forward to
the educational aspects of the event.
“One of our goals as an association
is cider education. We are devel-
oping a program for the Central
Coast Cider Festival this year with
speakers who pull the veil back
from cider, the cider industry, and
the challenges we face in our in-
dustry. This year we have partnered
with Andres at En Fuego events
to help us move the festival to the
Sunken Gardens since we outgrew
the former space. We are hoping to
have thirty makers this year from
all over California, and a few local
vendors. We will have a cider shop
again this year so the ciders that are
hard to find in our area are avail-
able for purchase.”
Two Broads Ciderworks is located
at 3427 Roberto Court, Suite 130,
San Luis Obispo. Tasting room hours
are Friday, 3-8 p.m., Saturday, 1-8
p.m., Sunday 1-6 p.m. For more in-
formation visit,
or call (805) 292-1500.
—Lisa Pretty

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